• You are a seasoned connector who loves nurturing abundant social circles. 

  • You are a risk taker who has a history of helping companies grow and clients thrive. 

  • You are a bridge builder bringing purpose and growth through every action you take.

  • "When can I start helping you?" is your mantra. 

As a Soar Evangelist, You will be called to lead and influence more.

You will be part of an elite community of accomplished evangelists and contribute in deploying the largest Strengths leadership platform in the world.

Your driving force will guide coaches and clients while increasing your revenue.

The Soar Evangelist Program recognizes members of the Strengths-based coach community for their leadership role.

Eligibility is limited to active professionals who have contributed significant service to the Strengths movement, and would love to expand their influence.



  • Become a community member of accomplished Evangelists who are business, academic, faith and non-profit leaders from around the world.

  • Access first-in-class event management system for local strengths events, meetups, briefings and conferences.

  • Work directly with Paul Allen, CEO of, on building the largest network of coaches and clients in the Strengths movement around the world.

  • Receive State of the Art Training: Invitation to complementary exclusive trainings throughout the year.

  • Get full benefits of a Soar Pro Membership.

  • Receive Regional/Industrial data for prospecting.

  • Receive first access to new tools from

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